55-inch interactive flat panel for education

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55-inch interactive flat panel own a small size,it is easy to move and install, suitable for small classrooms or meeting rooms. For example, sample exhibition rooms, study rooms that can accommodate four or five people. A PANEL also has a projector, display, computer and other functions, can achieve multi-person synchronous projection, more interactive than single mobile-tablet.

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55 "interactive smart whiteboard, easy to install, suitable for a variety of classrooms. The 55-inch whiteboard is the smallest model in the line, and while it's small, it's full of features and offers a better price than the larger version.


This product adopts Frame corner block using ultra-narrow aluminum alloy design and anti-glare Tempered glass, this kind of design can effectively protect users from acute Angle injury. The anti-glare glass design can effectively reduce the reflection rate and reduce the lighting, and it can protect students' eyes when used in class.

Technically, the product supports ten-point touch, single-point writing, and two-point panning. Gesture commands make it easy to zoom in and out of pictures.

Video conferencing can achieve 1080P image presentation, compatible with various conference software, screen sharing delay as low as 8ms.In terms of writing, the pressure-sensitive writing function of this product enables teachers to write notes directly in the product, and download the notes in the class to their personal devices through the two-dimensional code after the class.

Product Advantage

This product is not an external device display, but also a personal computer that can be used independently. Its CPU adopts dual-core A73, the system uses Android 8.0 embedded system, and it has 32G main hard disk and 128G SD card memory.These high performance product configurations allow it to work independently in special situations and still meet your work needs.

This product has good interaction, increase the interest of class, improve the efficiency of class. If you are interested in this product, welcome to download this product specification diagram, which will have a more detailed description and introduction.


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