Interactive flat panel Application in the market

In recent years, with the epidemic prevention and control “and the rise of the non-contact business site meeting gradually to the development of online, online office, remote meetings, remote medical treatment, remote education demand continues to grow, China’s video conference market will enter a different growth cycle, and thus did the class meeting related products growth, and LED all-in-one since its launch, With the advantages of large size, seamless stitching, strong brightness, large Angle of view, and elevated degree of color restoration, market awareness and market share are considerably improved.


LED all-in-one with its spontaneous light, high brightness, high color rendering, LED characteristic of big Angle of view, has intelligent interactive whiteboard, interactive document presentation, a split screen type remote meeting, many wireless transmission terminal screen, network multimedia broadcast and the fusion face intelligent identification, intelligent speech recognition, AI size screen at the same time a variety of functions such as collaboration, change traditional projector dark effect, Compared with LCD conference machine can also be seamless stitching, so as to stand out in the field of conference, education and so on, become an important driving force to promote the development of LED display market.


In fact, as early as in 2019, LED all-in-one has been in the field of commercial conference, when most brands will LED all-in-one development focus on appearance, body structure, mounting bracket, etc., this to a certain extent, promote the formation of the LED all-in-one unified standardized products such as size, resolution, functional form. However, the original simple LED all-in-one machines have not been able to keep up with the changing demands of users as businesses have also increased their efficiency requirements for production tools in the wave of digital upgrades.

Refer to the “General Technical Specifications for Indoor LED Commercial All-in-One” implemented on January 1, 2021. The definition of an LED all-in-one machine is as follows: An LED commercial all-in-one machine is a display terminal with pixel spacing less than or equal to 2.5 mm that is used in commercial display situations and conforms to various commercial display application technologies. It can integrate and control computers, electronic whiteboards, wireless projection screens, audio and video equipment and additional features. With the expansion of the application scope of LED all-in-one machine, including conference, education, medical, party building, training, finance, new retail, exhibition, marketing activities, military sand table, game interaction, lecture hall and other commercial and special display fields, so the LED all-in-one machine according to different application scenarios, continuously subdivided into conference machine, education machine, advertising machine and other features of different functions. ¬†¬†Temporarily, an LED interactive tablet is a terminal LED device that uses an LED screen, an electronic whiteboard, a computer, an infinite projection screen, and additional functions.


Currently, the display devices of Yongchao LED all-in-one machines mainly include IMD2 integration 1, 4 integration 1 and COB packaging technology. With the development of Mini/Micro LED technology, it is believed that there will be related integrated products in the future and they are expected to be widely used in education.

Post time: Oct-18-2022