What is the problem caused by the hot runner mold not producing glue?

What is the problem caused by the hot runner mold not producing glue?

The analysis and solution of the problem of hot runner mold not producing glue are as follows:

1. Overview of the problem

In the production process of hot runner mold, no glue is a common fault phenomenon. This usually manifests as the molten plastic not being able to flow out of the hot runner system properly, resulting in product molding failure. To solve this problem, we first need to analyze the various reasons that may lead to no glue.


2. Cause analysis

(1) Improper temperature setting: the temperature setting of the hot runner system is too low, failing to make the plastic reach a molten state, or the temperature fluctuation is too large, causing the plastic to solidify during the flow process.

(2) Plastic supply problem: the supply of plastic particles is insufficient or interrupted, which may be caused by the blockage of the hopper, poor quality of plastic particles and other reasons.

(3) Hot runner blockage: long-term use or improper operation may lead to residual material accumulation inside the hot runner, which will block the runner and make the plastic unable to flow out normally.

(4) Insufficient injection pressure: The injection pressure setting of the injection machine is too low to push the molten plastic into the mold cavity.

(5) Mold problems: Unreasonable mold design or poor manufacturing quality may lead to poor plastic flow in the mold or difficult to fill the cavity.

3. Solutions

(1) Check and adjust the temperature: according to the melting temperature of plastics and mold requirements, the temperature of the hot runner system is properly adjusted to ensure that plastics can melt and flow smoothly.

(2) Check the plastic supply: clean the hopper to ensure the smooth supply of plastic particles; Check the quality of plastic particles and avoid using inferior materials.

(3) Clean the hot runner: clean and maintain the hot runner system regularly to remove the accumulated residual materials and ensure that the runner is unimpeded.

(4) Increase the injection pressure: according to the requirements of the mold and product, appropriately increase the injection pressure of the injection machine to ensure that the molten plastic can be smoothly pushed into the mold cavity.

(5) Check and optimize the mold: check and optimize the mold to ensure that the mold design is reasonable and the manufacturing quality is up to standard, so as to improve the flow and molding effect of plastics in the mold.

4. Summary

The problem that the hot runner mold does not produce glue may be caused by many reasons, and it needs to be analyzed and solved according to the specific situation. In the daily production process, the hot runner system and mold should be regularly checked and maintained to ensure the stability of the production process and the consistency of product quality. At the same time, the operator should have a certain amount of professional knowledge and experience in order to find the problem in time and take effective measures to solve it.

Post time: Feb-23-2024