What is the work content of the quality department of the injection mold manufacturer?

What is the work content of the quality department of the injection mold manufacturer?

The quality department of injection mold manufacturers is the key department to ensure the stable and reliable quality of the whole process of mold production.

There are mainly six aspects of work:

1. Formulation and implementation of quality standards

The Quality Department is responsible for setting quality standards for injection moulds, which are usually based on industry standards, customer needs, and the actual production capacity of the company. Once developed, the department should monitor and ensure that these standards are strictly implemented in the production process. This includes the accuracy of the mold, service life, material selection and so on.

2. Incoming material inspection

The production of injection molds involves many raw materials and parts, and the quality Department is responsible for the strict inspection of these incoming materials. The inspector will carefully check the specifications, models, quantity and quality of raw materials according to the procurement contract and technical specifications to ensure that the incoming materials meet the production requirements.

3. Process quality control

In the mold manufacturing process, the quality department needs to carry out a tour inspection, real-time monitoring of key processes and special processes. This includes the setting of injection molding parameters, the precision control of mold assembly, etc. By identifying and correcting quality problems in the production process in a timely manner, the department can reduce the generation of defective products and improve production efficiency.


4. Finished product inspection and testing

After the mold manufacturing is completed, the quality department needs to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the finished product. This includes a detailed inspection of the mold’s appearance, size, function, etc. In addition, it is also necessary to carry out actual injection testing to verify that the actual use effect of the mold meets the design requirements.

5. Quality analysis and improvement

The quality department is not only responsible for inspection work, but also needs to conduct in-depth analysis of quality problems that occur in the production process. By collecting data and analyzing the causes, the department can find out the root cause of the problem and propose effective improvement measures. These analysis results provide an important basis for continuous optimization of production lines.

6. Training and communication

In order to improve the quality awareness of all staff, the quality Department also undertakes the task of training employees. In addition, the department also needs to maintain close communication with production, research and development, procurement and other departments to work together to solve cross-departmental quality problems.

Post time: Mar-28-2024