OEM designs custom printer housing injection molds

Short Description:

Product Name: OEM designs custom printer housing injection molds

Product Use: Daily necessities
Production address: Dongguan, Guangdong, China
Manufacturer: DongGuan Yong Chao Plastic Technology Co.,Ltd
Processing mode: OEM/ODM customization, processing with incoming materials, processing with drawings and samples
Processing equipment: Haitian, Engel brand injection molding machine
Equipment quantity: 90 injection molding machines (80-1300 tons)
Product quotation: Price negotiable, send email or phone to communicate specific quotation
Delivery method: Both parties shall negotiate by themselves
Delivery date: negotiated by both parties
Product quality certification: ISO9001, ISO14001, UL, IATF16949, ISO13485

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Product name Customized mould mold making plastic injection printer enclosure plastic part enclosure
Material ABS, PP, Nylon, PC, POM, PU, TPU, TPV, PBT, PC+ABS, PE, PA6
Weight 2g-2kg
Drawing Provide by customer(DXF/DWG/PRT/SAT/IGES/STEP etc),Or design according as the sample
Equipment Injection molding machine
Surface treatment Electroplate,paint spraying
Application Auto parts,auto door handle,Car tank cap, housing/cover/case/base, telescope, daily goods, home&office appliances, other industrial spare parts, customized
Quality 100% inspection before shipping
Packing Carton packaging, or PVC bag with a label; Wooden pallet; as customer's requirement
Service OEM service available, High Quality Competitive Price prompt delivery. 24-hour service with prompt reply


The case of the printer is made of universal plastic.General purpose plastics refer to plastics with large output, wide use, good affordability and low price.

There are five types of general purpose plastics: polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene and acrylic - butane - polystyrene co polymer. They're both thermoplastics.Shell printer can be compatible with different industries, unlimited materials, will not cause material damage, it meets the needs of the diversified market, can better provide users with more comprehensive production services.

This design is for the printer shell injection mold design. The design adopts a mold a cavity, the gate adopts the dispensing mouth, the parting surface is selected in the largest section, the plastic parts are formed after the use of a push rod will be molded products from the moving die, the return use of the reset rod reset.The design needs to calculate the size of the plastic parts, determine the dimensional accuracy, and then the initial selection of the injection machine. As well as the injection molding machine pouring system, the structure of the forming parts, the size of the forming parts, the release mechanism, the exhaust system, the temperature control system were designed and calculated. And check the parameters of the injection machine, including mold closing thickness, mold installation size, mold opening stroke, mold locking force of the injection machine, etc. The injection machine model can only be determined after all parameters meet the requirements.


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