Custom wireless doorbell shell injection mold

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Product Name: Custom wireless doorbell shell injection mold
Product Use: daily necessities
Production address: Dongguan, Guangdong, China
Manufacturer: DongGuan Yong Chao Plastic Technology Co.,Ltd
Processing mode: OEM/ODM customization, processing with incoming materials, processing with drawings and samples
Processing equipment: Haitian, Engel brand injection molding machine
Equipment quantity: 90 injection molding machines (80-1300 tons)
Product quotation: Price negotiable, send email or phone to communicate specific quotation
Delivery method: Both parties shall negotiate by themselves
Delivery date: negotiated by both parties
Product quality certification: ISO9001, ISO14001, UL, IATF16949, ISO13485


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Battery free wireless doorbell means that the transmitter adopts energy capture technology, which can collect the energy when the user presses the doorbell button and convert it into electric energy to drive the doorbell sound microphone. Its indoor machine is the doorbell microphone needs to connect to the mains. The control signal generated by the doorbell button is sent out through the wireless signal transmitter, and the wireless signal receiver of the indoor unit receives the wireless signal and rings the bell.

The wireless visual doorbell can make voice calls and see images of visitors. Wireless visual doorbell product features: 1. Visual intercom function: there are guests to visit, press the doorbell, free intercom call voice clear, such as in front of; 2. Outdoor monitoring function: there is a strange sound at the door, gently press, it will be clear at a glance, security; 3 remote control unlocking function: family home too late; It's too cold outside; Don't want to get up in bed; Don't want to get up at the computer; Gently press, people can see, automatic unlock; 4. Photo archive function: The host is not at home, there are guests to visit. As long as the bearer taps the doorbell, it will automatically take photos stored, the master comes back after free inquiry. Not to miss an important meeting; 5 anti-demolition alarm function: if the door machine is damaged, indoor and outdoor units will alarm prompts.

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