Custom charging head shell injection mold

Short Description:

Product Name: OEM custom charging head shell injection mold

Product Use: daily necessities
Production address: Dongguan, Guangdong, China
Manufacturer: DongGuan Yong Chao Plastic Technology Co.,Ltd
Processing mode: OEM/ODM customization, processing with incoming materials, processing with drawings and samples
Processing equipment: Haitian, Engel brand injection molding machine
Equipment quantity: 90 injection molding machines (80-1300 tons)
Product quotation: Price negotiable, send email or phone to communicate specific quotation
Delivery method: Both parties shall negotiate by themselves
Delivery date: negotiated by both parties
Product quality certification: ISO9001, ISO14001, UL, IATF16949, ISO13485

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USB socket is a kind of safe power saving, universal socket with USB interface, is a kind of weak current electronic products, including the socket body, the socket body is provided with a USB mother, the USB mother is provided with a linkage switch and USB jack; A charger module is arranged in the socket body, the input end of the charger module and the output end of the linkage switch in parallel, the output terminal of the positive and negative terminals and the USB port of the power supply terminal corresponding connection, the input end of the linkage switch is connected with the power supply.

USB AM (short body welding wire type, folding two-piece set, folding three-piece set, A straight insert type, patch type, sinking plate type, harpoon type,) USB AF (welding wire type, 90°straight insert bent foot, 90°straight insert straight foot, 90°straight insert reverse, 90° straight insert sink plate, 90°full package, 90°patch type, 180°half pack straight insert, A Female 90°side insert short body/long body, 90°double-layer half-pack full package with single shrapnel/double shrapnel/no shrapnel, 180°double-layer in-line insert/welding wire type) USB BM (welding wire short type, three-piece welding wire type) USB BF (90°in-line insert, 180° In-line insert, SMT full paste) Micro5pin male and female (Type A, B, AB) MINI 4pin, 5pin, 8pin, 10pin, 14pin, 16pin, 18pin male and female insert, etc.

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